Resentment that kills your happiness


You only intoxicate your soul when you hold the bitter experiences in your mind. Your mind is not ready for any good if you do not free it from every bad. You get what you focus. The more you nurture the anger, the more your mind becomes intoxicated. In addition, the less you have the chance to become happy.


You are your worst enemy.

Stop harboring resentment for a situation; for a person that hurt you in the past. The person who hurt you; belittled you; offended you in the past–hurt you once, while you hurt yourself repeatedly nurturing the grudge –you let your past to dictate your present.

You do not have anything to do with the situation in the past that you regret for. Moreover, the indignation or anger having been treated unfairly once can destruct your whole future if you do not save your heart by letting unwanted things go of. No matter how trivial the injustice might be—you can live a miserable life.

Throughout our life, we encounter a host of injustice; a great deal of situation that offend us; a plenty of people that belittle us and we can get easily caught up by the resentment even unwittingly if we do not show our discretion to handle our mind. You can be victim of your own thoughts. You can suffer excruciating pain if you do not stop holding your indignation. You can lose your real self.

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You can ruin your daily happiness repeatedly because of a resentful mind you nurture towards a shopkeeper because he did not give you the quality product he was supposed to give you. The contentment of your life can remain far off when you start visualizing a situation in which your trusted person betrayed you brutally years ago. You can lead your life to a real ruination if you cannot forget the incident when one of your colleagues offended you before everybody in your work place.

When you hold anger for a person who once offended you, you give your life’s control to that person. You recall the situation and you accumulate pain that lead you to an unhappy life. A constant reliving of the injustice that was committed to you can produce a high level of negative emotion that could be a way more corrosive—and can take a heavy toll on our life. Nobody—only we ourselves can perpetrate against ourselves.

What a self-destructive process we empower throughout our life.

Resentment kills you
Resentment kills you

I witnessed an excruciating pain throughout my aunt’s life who held a spiteful attitude to her daughter-in-law, because her son did not marry the girl who my aunt wanted to. Until her last breath, she suffered the indignation, no matter how hard the daughter-in-law tried to please her—to satisfy her. Nothing could sooth her pain. It was a sheer pain for the people who were around her.

You do not only suffer when you are resentful, you destroy the happiness of the people who care you much.

All the grudge and resentment you nurture –just cost you your health that is your true assets–your precious time that you cannot produce in lab and your happiness that you cannot buy in exchange of money.

The longer you nurture the spite inside you, the more you will become spiteful. You allow your spite to stay comfortably inside you. Things become ingrained when you harbor the indignation over a period of time and getting rid of this can be a little challenging. You have to show real effort to remove this deep-rooted self-sabotaging habit.

Forget the grudge—do not give it power to control you .Forgive the people who once treated you unfairly. When you forgive, you, indeed, let the bitter experience go of which occurred in the distant past. Remember, forgiveness is a virtue that you gift yourself. In fact, when you forgive the offender, you forgive yourself—you give a new lease on your life—you start living your true life.

Be generous– if you want to live a constructive life– if you want to live your life to the fullest. Be an inspiration for whole universe .Show the world that you are here only to transmit positive force. You know your worth; you know your value. Nobody can belittle you unless you permit him or her.

Some experts suggest writing an “unsent letter” in which you express your hurt and feelings. You can write anything; everything that you think about the person—even if you can express if you want to take any revenge. That will heal your resentful mind to some extent. Make sure that you destroy the letter immediately. It is a symbolic act of releasing your resentment.

Resentment poison
Resentment poison

Be generous to arrange a dialogue with the person, in your point of view, who hurt you; offended you. Try to express yourself from a calm and balanced frame of mind. Try to analyze the entire situation from the neutral point of view. Be compassionate. Show some empathy to other people’s situation. In addition, it will not be impossible that your whole perspective can take new shape. The anger you have been nurturing so far can diminish in a moment and you can discover that she or he was not really worth of your anger.

As a matter of fact, that all you will do for the sake of you well-being; for bringing back the tranquility, serenity in your life. You have to forgive the people who once belittled you to earn a life that is most cherished.

By embracing forgiveness, you can embrace peace, hope, gratitude and joy and it can lead you down the path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Letting go of grudges and bitterness can offer you a better life; healthier life; a thoughtful life.

The most sought after happiness is the happiness within.