Mindset — our perspective

Human being tends to have two kinds of mindset.

Change your mind set
Change your mind set

Fixed-mindset which tells us –we got the ability by born–we can not change things about us–we are what we are–we got what we got.

Another is growth-mindset which tells us– we can grow any far if we want–we can change our destiny by our honest effort–we can make our brain work the way we want it works.

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In our schools a lot of students we find who they take it for granted that–better grade is not possible for them.They start believing that they are not worthy of success.They can’t do better.They are what they are.They belong to fixed-mindset.

As a result, we find that they become passive in learning.They lose interest.They feel inferior.They show unwilling to try.They even become violent in some cases.

It’s not that the students themselves only believe that they cannot go any far–teachers and parents in many cases also believe that they are disable in learning.

In most cases the circumstances around those students force them to believe that they are unworthy.

To my consideration, it’s a kind of offense that we adult commit.We teachers and parents put their life in threat.Their whole life can be ruined only for our wrong point of view.

What can be bigger crime than this?

It’s time to change our mindset–to change our standpoint.

New Mind Set
New mind set

We must make our students believe that they can achieve better grade if they try–we must make them believe that when they try they actually change their brain.The more they try ,the more their brain capacity increases.The more they try, the more they strengthen the connection among neurons in brain.

It is ,actually,now believed that any students in any grade can do better at any subject even at math if they get proper instruction and if they try wholeheartedly.

Let there ignite the fire within them.

Teaching is commitment.

Be the best source of guidance.

Keep growing–let growing.

Thank you…

Papiya Akter