Expand your self-image — Lift your self-esteem

“A man is what he thinks all day long.”

———-Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”.

———-Abraham Lincoln

Self Image
Self Image

Our life is a product of our own thoughts, what we think about all day becomes the basis of our life. Our thoughts create our reality. The lens we choose to view everything through determines how we feel about ourselves and everything that happens around us. The whole universe rearranges itself according to our standpoint.

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The person I am today is the result of my past experience –my day to day perception –my perspective towards my surrounding.


Our experience, our perception, our view point,our way of thinking shape our self-esteem–high,or low.Everyone of us has our own self-image.

We form self-esteem from self-image we hold in our mind. To the degree that we have the self-image about ourselves ,we demonstrate through our personalities. Our self-image corresponds with our self-esteem.

“Maxwell Maltz in his book PHYCHO-CYBERNETICS has mentioned about different personalities. Different people expose different types of personalities, such as—success-type personalities, failure-type personalities, happiness-prone personalities, unhappiness-prone personalities, disease-prone personalities,etc.”

People with low self-esteem portray a host of negative attitudes. They portray failure-type personalities, unhappiness-prone personalities. They focus on not making mistakes in life. They are not risk taker. They are afraid of taking challenge. They label themselves as negative people. They are unmotivated. They are depressed. They mistrust their abilities. They have very high level of inferiority complex. Happiness is beyond their imagination. They manufacture their own misfortune; their own unhappiness. They believe that the world is up against them. They are susceptible to anything; to everything.

Low self-esteem only a mental state. You demonstrate the way you evaluate yourself. No one is born super human, but everyone is born with unique potential to success. Harness the skill you have and remove the bad qualities you think– you have. We can grow much bigger than we imagine ourselves to be.

Your self image
Your self image

If you can’t love and respect yourself – no one else will be able to make that happen. If you think you are a failure, the whole world will consider you as a failure. You can put yourself into catastrophe and you can pull yourself from the catastrophe. You live by your choice.

Instead, accept who you are – completely; the good and the bad. Discover your strengths. Figure out the weaknesses and remove them accordingly. Focus on your growth and development. Let go away self-limiting attitudes. Create a true self; better self; a creative version of yourself.

“The self-image is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self-image and you change the personality and the behavior.” Maxwell Maltz in his book —PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS

Fortunately, self-image isn’t inscribed in stone. It is not irreversible. With conscious effort—with deliberate endeavor—we can grow a better self-image—we can develop a happiness and success-prone personalities—we can exhibit a higher self-esteem and develop respect, appreciation. We can increase our chances of happiness, success, and have long lasting inner peace.

Develop an I-can-do image within you—soon you will capture the capabilities of how-to-do.

Expand your self-image—lift your self-esteem.

Boost your self-esteem by recognizing your accomplishments. No matter how trivial your achievements are—enjoy them; celebrate them. Acknowledge your positive qualities. Stop thinking you are a failure, because you are not. Remove all the boundaries that hurdle the way to earn the breakthrough.

Don’t belittle yourself and don’t allow the people around you who belittle you. Mistake is very natural and if you encounter any mistake, embrace it; learn from it and never magnify your mistakes. Never exaggerate your failure. Never see yourself as an unworthy being.

You can only draw the things you believe you are worth.

The universe really reshapes itself according to the standpoint you have about it.

I knew a teacher who was always suspicion about her perfection of preparing result of the students at the end of the semester. Everybody knew her as sincere and dedicated teacher. Nevertheless, she herself was paranoid about her accomplishment. As a result, things happened according to her belief. No matter how much effort she offered, there were always some silly mistakes. It was spread school wide and everyone laughed at the matter.

Our belief can be mighty at any extent.

Don’t cast doubt on you abilities. Don’t undermine your aspiration. Don’t be paranoid and suspicious of yourself. Don’t nurture your self-sabotaging thoughts. Change your ingrained beliefs that go against you.

Reconstruct your self-image and reconstruct your destiny. Do it literally.


Self esteem
Self esteem

Thank you….